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(ACA) ObamaCare -- In Simple Terms

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Most importantly, know that Middle Georgia Insurance can help you with your health insurance needs both on and off the Marketplace.

ObamaCare doesn't create health insurance; it regulates the health insurance industry in hopes of increasing quality, affordability and availability of private insurance.

Most people who currently have health insurance can keep it.

Young adults can stay on their parents plan until 26.

If you don't have coverage, you can use the new Health Insurance Marketplace or buy a private insurance plan. Either way, Middle Georgia Insurance can help!

2018 Open enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplace starts again on November 1, 2017 through December 15, 2017.

Insurance purchased by the 15th of December will start on January 1st 2018.

If you did not obtain coverage by the Open Enrollment Deadline you my pay a per-month fee on your federal income tax return for every month you are without health insurance.

In 2017 the penalty is $695 per adult or 2.5% of income, whichever is higher. The family max is $2,085.

After the open enrollment period, eligibility requirements in Health Coverage will be based on qualifying events such as:

-Loss of employer coverage

-No longer a dependent

-Divorce from policyholder

-Birth or adoption


-Loss of eligibility for health insurance exchange subsidies

-Minimum Essential Coverage


-COBRA expiration

-Return from active military service

-Release from incarceration

-Court Order or Chapter 11

The cost of your marketplace health insurance works on a sliding scale. Those who make less, pay less. Middle Georgia Insurance can help!

In 2017 an American making less than $47,520 as individual or $97,200 as a family of 4 may be eligible for subsidies through the marketplace.

If you are able to get qualified health insurance through your employer you won't be able to receive marketplace tax credits.

You don't have to use the marketplace to buy insurance, private plans are also available. Middle Georgia Insurance can help!

The ACA does away with pre-existing conditions and gender discrimination so these will no longer affect the cost of your insurance on or off the marketplace.

You can't be denied health coverage based on health status or dropped from coverage when you are sick.

Health Insurers can't place annual limits or lifetime limits on your coverage.

All new plans sold on or off the marketplace must include a wide range of new benefits including wellness visits and preventative tests and treatments at no additional out-of-pocket cost.

All full-time workers who work for companies with over 50 FTE (full time equivalent) employees must be offered job based health coverage by 2015. Employers who do not offer coverage will pay a per-employee penalty.

Medicare isn't part of the marketplace. If you have Medicare keep it!

For individual assistance with health insurance or for free quotes, contact Middle Georgia Insurance or click on the "Health Quote" button on our home page.


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Thanks for helping me on my health policies. You always seem to make sure to explore all the options to find the best one. That is why I have been sending people your way on any health insurance needs.

Michael Harrison
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