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What We Insure

Take a look below at some of the insurance services we provide. Click Here to view some of the carriers we represent. Then let one of our agents discuss your needs and help you find the best option for you and your family. You can also request a quote using our online quote forms.
Auto Insurance that fits your needs!

Whether you have new, used, or collector auto, you need to be sure your property and liability are adaquately covered.  All of our carriers are A- Excellent rated or higher.  Being properly covered at claim time will ease your mind during an already stressful situation.  Call us today!!

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Homeowners Insurance that fits your needs!

Would you like up to 10% discount on your homeowners and auto insurance?  That's what could happen when we insure both your home and auto together.  Give us a call today to learn about special programs that offer extended coverages on your personal property.

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Business Insurance that fits your needs!

Whether you are a truck driver or have a professional or trade business we can quote your commercial auto and your business liability coverages.  Business Owners Policies (BOPs) for the small business owners which combine both property coverage and liability coverage in one package.  Call us today and let us compare what you're currently paying for your business insurance needs.

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Permanent Life Insurance that fits your needs!

We offer life insurance plans with premium and death benefit guarantees to age 120 at about half the price of traditional Whole Life coverage.  The premium savings could be used to purchase additional needed insurance or invested or saved in a separate account.  We can even schedule the premiums to stop in 10, 20 or 30 years but continue with guaranteed benefits till age 120.  Call us today and let us analyze your current life insurance needs and compare any current life insurance plans you may already have inforce.

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Term Life Insurance that fits your needs!

Most people think of term life as temporary insurance for 10, 20, or possibly for 30 years.  How about term life insurance that will REFUND 100% of your premiums paid for 20 or 30 years if you didn't die by the he end of the term?  Or, how about a paid up life policy at the end of your initial term period?  These two new options are just samples of how we are saving our clients thousands of dollars compared to their traditional life insurance plans.  Give us a call and we will show you what life insurance options you have.

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Individual Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance for the self-employed and individuals has really changed since ACA (Affordable Care Act) otherwise known as Obamacare was inacted.  We have specialized in Individual Health Insurance since 1997 and continue to serve individuals with their health insurance needs via "On" and "Off" Exchange.  Tax Credits are now available if you meet certain criteria and purchase your coverage via "On" Exchange. Let us help you determine what plans and options are available to you and your family. Don't take your health coverage by chance, deal with a "Professional" that is Certified to assist you so as not to make a costly mistake.

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Medical Supplements

Medicare Supplement plans for medicare recipients age 65 and over.  We have Medicare Advantage Plans for applicants of any age as long as you are enrolled in  Medicare part A&B.  Fully know and understand your medicare options and when you may enroll in Medicare Advantage and Prescription RX plans.  Call us today and let a local professional show you your options and then make an educated decision concerning your medicare benefits.

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Thanks for helping me on my health policies. You always seem to make sure to explore all the options to find the best one. That is why I have been sending people your way on any health insurance needs.

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Middle Georgia Insurance Inc.

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